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Care for Fashion

Did you know that our founders are textile engineers and designers? At Steamery our fundamental goal is simple. We want people to take better care of their clothes. Care for Fashion is our community where we share what we know about garment care in order to inspire others. Interviews, tips and guides – read it all.
Laundry /

Textile Engineer's Secret Trick to Remove Grass Stains I Steamery

Grass stains on your light-colored clothes? This is what you should do

Garment Care / Pilling & Lints / /

How to Clean a Lint Remover

Leftover fuzz can prevent the device from working...

Laundry / Pilling & Lints / / Wash Less /

How to Use a Fabric Shaver

A smart tool for getting rid of lints & pill

Garment Care / Pilling & Lints / / Wash Less /

7 Garment Care Tips While Staying at Home

Clothing Hacks / Textile Care / Wash Less /

Clothing Mist – The Final Odor Solution

Garment Care / Slow Fashion / Wash Less /

Linen – a natural super textile

This is how to care for your linen garments

Garment Care / Laundry /

When and How To Hand Wash Clothes

From stain treatment to steaming, this is how to hand wash your clothes

Clothing Hacks / Steaming / Textile Care /

How to Unshrink a Shrunken Sweater 

We’ve all been there 1, 2 or 3 times.

Clothing Hacks / Garment Care / Laundry /

How to Remove Stains: Tomato Sauce

Just follow these simple steps.

Steaming / Textile Care / Wash Less /

8 Features Where a Steamer Saves the Day

Your home is full of things waiting to be steamed.

Clothing Hacks / Garment Care / Steaming /

How to Steam – Easily Digested Guide

What’s the ultimate way to steam a garment?

Garment Care / Slow Fashion / Wash Less /

7 Myths and Truths About Washing Wool

Studies debunk old myths about washing wool garments

Laundry / Slow Fashion / Wash Less /

Wash Less – 5 Options to Laundry

You’ll never go back to doing unnecessary laundry again


Study: Does Steam Inactivate Viruses?

Steamery presents study results on how heat transfer by steam affects viruses

Laundry / Tutorials / Wash Less /

3 Ways to Dry Your Laundry

There are many ways of drying your laundry.

Clothing Hacks / Garment Care /

The Clothing Care Hack Everybody Needs to Know

Remove yellow T-shirt marks, reduce odor, you name it!

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