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Cumulus No.3 Black – Home Steamer
Cumulus No.3 Black – Home Steamer
Cumulus No.3 Black – Home Steamer
Cumulus No.3 Black – Home Steamer

Cumulus No.3 Black – Home Steamer

$ 290
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Heat Protection Glove

1,8l Water Tank
Steam for 1 hour

Works as a valet stand
Cumulus No.3 has many features you would normally find in professional steamer. The design is still minimalistic, which makes it ideal for the bedroom or a walk-in-closet. Save time and reduce the amount of unnecessary laundering. Cumulus No.3 heats up in 40 seconds and comes with a clever heat protection bag.

To Steam

Steaming is simple, time-saving and a gentler alternative to ironing. Steaming is also more environmentally friendly, since you don’t have to wash the clothes that only need to be refreshed. If you steam your clothes instead of washing them, they will last much longer. What we often refer to as “worn-out clothes” are almost always washed-out clothes.

Steamed clothes get...

... wrinkle-free and soft.
... fresher – the steam reduces odors, bacteria and dust.
... deeper in color and fabric vibrance.
... a longer lifespan (compared to over washed and ironed garments).

How Does it Work?

The hot steam from a steamer lifts the textile fibers and make them swell and regain their natural shape. Steaming is similar to airing clothes; unpleasant smells disappear, and some bacteria dies. You can steam all kinds of fabrics and materials (except leather and suede), meaning you can actually steam garments that doesn’t normally allow ironing.

For more information, watch our Tutorials.

Heats Up in 40 Sec

1,8l Water Tank
Steady flow of steam for 1 hour

Mouth Piece in Brushed Steel
Designed to create an even flow and lift the textile fiber

Ergonomic lightweight handle
For long-term easy steaming

Anti-slip hanger, brush mouthpiece
and heat protection glove included

Weight and Dimensions
3,5kg (7 lb.) (Empty water tank)
Woven cord: 2,5m

2 Steam Modes
#1 delicate materials. #2 sturdy fabrics

1-Year Warranty

When do I need a Cumulus No.3?

(i.e. the difference between a hand steamer and upright devise)
Cumulus No.3 is our best steamer made for home use. It has a large water tank that allows you to continuously steam for more than an hour. The Cumulus No.3 has a steady rod set where you can easily place your clothes while steaming.

Is it hard to assemble a Cumulus No.3?

Not at all, a five-year old into lego could do it here. Thanks to the hanger, the Cumulus No.3 also works as a valet stand. It is designed to be a natural part of your home, no need to put it away after use.

Are there any materials that one shouldn’t steam?

You can steam almost all materials. But, we do not recommend that you use your steamer on leather, suede, plastic or pu leather.

Do I need to descale my steamer?

Yes, we recommend that you descale your steamer every 20-30 water tanks. Please read more about this in our forum here.

Is the hanger included when I buy a Cumulus No.3?

Yes, the hanger is included and can be both folded and easily removed.

How do I steam?

For information about how to use your steamer on different types of garments, check out our tutorials. These video clips will provide you with tips and tricks on how to get the best results using all our products.

Warranty, returns and claims?

Cumulus No.3 has a 1-year warranty.
For more information please see our Returns & Claims page.

Can I use my steamer on bedding and upholstery?

Yes, steaming is a perfect way to refresh your bedding and upholstery- and make them smoother at the same time.

Save time

Steaming your clothes is a fast and easy way of getting wrinkle-free and fresh clothes. You don’t need an ironing board and a steamer heats up in seconds. When you mastered a simple technique you will finish a shirt or a dress in a couple of minutes.

Wash less

Excessive washing is the no.1 reason why clothes lose color and shape. The hot steam from a steamer will remove any signs of use on clothes, and also reduce odors and remove some bacterias. Make a habit of steaming your clothes after use and hang them back in the closet instead of filling up your laundry basket with barely dirty clothes.

Prolong the lifetime

Clothes that aren’t washed often will keep their shape and color. Frankly, the less you wash them – the longer they will last. If you steam your clothes after wearing them, your favorite pieces will look brand new for many years.

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