Meet the Air-Dry String – a Must-Have for The Compact Living

Trying to tumble dry less and air-dry more, is hard when living small, as no one likes having wet clothes hanging all over. We set out to fix this never-ending problem once and for all. The solution: our retractable Air-Dry String. Taking basically no space whatsoever, yet making a big difference during laundry.

No More Wet Clothes Around

Do you want to reduce your tumble drying, but have no space to air-dry? The Air-Dry String is a retractable clothesline, perfect for the smaller space. Use it by pulling out the line when your clothes need to dry, then simply retract it when it’s no longer in use. Once mounted on your wall, the Air-Dry String is actually easy to miss, as it takes hardly any space.

Help Your Clothes Last Longer

As tumble drying cause a lot of harm and shortens the lifespan of your clothes, we felt it was time to provide a smart space-saving option. So that tumble drying only is done when really needed, and never out of lack of space. Air-drying is the most gentle way of drying – both for your clothes and for the environment.

How it Works

The Air-Dry String is easily installed with glue and/or screws, preferably in your bathroom. Once you have it mounted you can easily attach the retractable clothesline onto the opposite wall, and you have a ready-to-use clothesline in a second.

Why Choose The Air-Dry String:

  • Easy to install
  • Takes up a minimal amount of space
  • Saves electricity — no tumble drying needed
  • Retractable clothesline of 4.2 meters
  • Carries up to 12 kg

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