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Welcome to The Steamery's wholesale section. Here you can find quick access to your multipacks as well as our current inventories. Please not that within the EU, prices are including VAT.

Cumulus Steamer (packs of 3 pcs) starts up in less than 45 sec. Discrete design and powerful steam. Perfect for the home or small shops.

Cirrus Travel Steamer (packs of 12 pcs) weight less than 1 kg, but still has the power comparable to full size steamers. Perfect for the small home and travels.

Stratus Professional Steamer (3 pieces) is specially developed for professionals in the fashion industry and it is built to handle the pressure of being used for hours everyday. Perfect for shops, agents and showrooms.
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Cumulus Steamer per piece
Cirrus Travel Steamer (12-pack) - Delivery mid oct
Stratus Professional Steamer per piece
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Cumulus Steamer per piece
Cumulus Steamer Black per piece
Avkalkningsmedel 1l
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Cirrus Hand Steamer - White - per piece
Cumulus Hand Steamer - Black - per piece
Cirrus Display Stand
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