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Descale your steamer

When the water is converted to steam, residues of calcium and magnesium stays in the boiler inside your steamer. When the steamer has been used for a while, these leftovers form a coating, which may reduce the efficiency of the steamer. But if this goes unnoticed for a longer time, this coating might grow larger and plug the boiler and case a steam overpressure that can ruin your steamer.

Therefore, it is important to clean your steamer and we recommend that you descale it after every 20th used water tank.

Vinegar is an acid that dissolves magnesium and calcium. By mixing vinegar and hot water inside the boiler you will clean your steamer from these residues.

Clean your steamer by following the following steps:

1. Remove the tank and the hose.

2. Empty the steamer through the steam outlet.

3. In the cavity under the tank, pour 50 milliliters of white distilled vinegar and 100-200 milliliters of hot water.

4. Tilt your steamer back and forth. When you tilt the steamer you will see brown pieces of magnesium and calcium in the water.

5. Pour out the water through the steam outlet or tilt the steamer to the side.

6. Follow this procedure a couple of times until the water is clear and and no more brown pieces can be seen in the water.

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