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Policy changes

Steamery can, when needed, change or update this policy. The latest version is always available at

Personal data

You have the right to, at any point, require your personal data, to have incorrect information corrected and to stop us from storing your personal data. Please contact us by sending an e-mail to

This security policy applies to the collection of information via the website Steamery. By using Steamery’s website you approve of the handling of personal information stated in this policy. Steamery are committed to protect your personal data. We use extensive security measures and processes to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or exposure.

Steamery AB, 556926-1166, Åsögatan 176, SE-116 31 Stockholm, Sweden are responsible for storing your personal data.

The use of your personal data

Steamery gather and use your personal data to operate the website Steamery and to deliver the services requested by you. For example we use your e-mail address to send service related messages to you as well as newsletters, marketing material or advertisement offers you have requested. According to what is described below, you can decide by yourself if you will or will not receive newsletters, marketing material and advertisement offers, but certain service related messages such as order status information, payments and the like is considered an essential part of the service.

Steamery collects your personal security number in order to increase your safety and to be able to check the credit rating. We use geographical location to determine which locally adapted information Steamery should supply its customers.

With the exception of what is stated below, the personal data you make available on this website will not be forwarded outside of Steamery and its controlled subsidiaries and associated companies without your permission.

The website Steamery may deliver your personal data if the law so demands, or if Steamery in good faith considers it necessary to: (a) to fulfil regulations stated by law or to comply with legal decision informed to Steamery or the website Steamery, (b) protect and defend rights or property belonging to Steamery or the website Steamery, (c) in extraordinary circumstances protect the personal security of users of Steamerys services, its websites or the general public.

Personal data gathered by Steamery may be stored and worked with within the EU or any other country where Steamery is active.

Steamery uses Google and Facebook for advertising. You can read more about how Google gathers, shares and uses personal data here.

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