Pilo Fabric Shaver – Grey

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The Pilo Fabric Shaver – Grey is a gentle, yet effective fabric shaver that removes lint and pilling from all kinds of garments.

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How it works

This Fabric Shaver has three precision-made razor blades and an impressively strong motor that originates from an electric razor. The result is a fabric shaver twice as powerful as any other device on the market, highly effective when removing lint and pilling, threads and fuzz from your clothes, textiles and furniture.  


  • Lint-free and presentable clothes
  • Works perfectly on home interior like sofas, cushions, armrests and blankets
  • Easy to bring on weekend- and business trips
  • Works on all kinds of materials – be gentle on delicate materials like cashmere, merino and alpaca

  • Usage time: 50 minutes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • USB charging: USB charging cord included
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Power: 5W

What materials can I use the Pilo Fabric Shaver on?

A Pilo can be used on all kinds of fabrics, even delicate ones as cashmere, merino and alpaca. Make sure that you are gentle and use a steady surface when you use the Pilo on sheer fabrics.

What’s included when I purchase a Pilo?

An exclusive USB-cable, a small brush for cleaning and a manual. Please note: no adapter/transformer included.

How long does it take to charge a Pilo, and how long can I use it when fully charged?

When charged for 5 hours you can give those lints a hard time for about 1 hour.

Is the Pilo chargeable?

Pilo comes with a USB-cord that makes it possible to charge the device directly through a USB-port on a computer or a smartphone adapter. Please note: no adapter/transformer included.

Is it possible to switch the razorblades?

We have sold this product for more than two years without any complaints regarding the blades. However, if you suddenly find the razorblades too blunt, please contact [email protected] for spare parts.

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