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Cirrus Travel Steamer - Black
Cirrus Travel Steamer - Black
Cirrus Travel Steamer - Black

Cirrus Travel Steamer - Black

€ 80

Colors: White I Black

Simple Hand Steamer for Your Home and Travelling
The Cirrus Travel Steamer is efficient, easy to use at home and easy to bring on a weekend- or a business trip. The steamer works on all kinds of fabrics, from the most delicate silk to the sturdiest linen. Your clothes get smooth and wrinkle-free. The steam also eliminates bad odors and shallow dirt. Save time and reduce the amount of unnecessary laundering with our Cirrus Travel Steamer.

  • Heats up fast, only 25 seconds
  • Heat Protection Bag included
  • Exquisite design, small and easy to use
  • Ideal for traveling, weighs only 0.5 kg (1,1 lb.)
  • Ultimate for steaming other textiles, like curtains, bedlinen, pillows etc.


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Questions & Answers

  • How do I steam?+-

    How do I use a steamer? I have never used a steamer before so I would appreciate getting some tips!

    We have a steamer tutorial on how to steam in 5 steps. This tutorial is for both Cirrus and Cirrus No.2.
    Please see our video below [1min 09 sec]
    In the video you will learn the following:

    - How to steam a shirt
    - How to steam from the inside of the garment
    - How to use the heat bag
    - Steam sleeves and collars
    - How to smooth out wrinkles on thicker fabrics and creating a pressed look

  • Cirrus Travel Steamer for North America?+-

    I'm planning on buying a travel steamer before the end of the calendar year. Do you have any plans to release (even a tentative plan) a travel steamer that can be used with Canadian outlets? I'll wait until the bitter end if there is a glimmer of hope that I can get a Cirrus Travel that'll work over here! Thanks.

    As of now, I can't give you a date where we will start selling the Cirrus Travel Steamer in North America.
    We do sell Cirrus No.2 (the updated version) is U.S variant, that will also work in Canada. Is that perhaps an option?
    Best regards,

  • Can I use Cirrus Travel Steamer horizontally?+-

    Hello, I was wondering if you can use the steamer horizontally?Thank you very much!

    Yes, you can. It works just as well horizontally as when you steam vertically.

  • Is the filling cup necessary for Cirrus Travel Steamer?+-

    Hi! How can the water tank be filled for Cirrus No.2 or Travel Steamer? Is the included filling cup really necessary to keep for Travel Steamer? I am wondering which one to buy. Thanks in advance! BR, Laura

    Well, the filling cups makes it a little bit easier to refill the tank for Cirrus Travel Steamer. I wouldn't call it necessary, it just makes it a little easier not to spill. But you'll do fine without it as well.
    best regards,

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