Stratus No.2 – Professional Steamer

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This floor-standing steamer, Stratus No.2, is a sustainable and efficient alternative to both ironing and washing. Your clothes will be wrinkle-free, smooth and fresh in no time. The hot steam also removes bad smells, shallow dirt and bacteria. Stratus No.2 is a professional and powerful steamer – often used by people in the fashion industry.  

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How it works

The hot steam from a professional steamer lifts the textile fibers – instead of pressing them down like the iron – and makes them swell and regain their natural shape.  Steaming is similar to airing clothes. The hot steam removes signs of a garment ever being worn, such as odors, shallow dirt and bacteria. 


  • Our professional and most effective steamer
  • Wrinkle-free, fresh and presentable clothes
  • Less washing – less energy- and water consuming
  • Time-saving and suitable for professional use
  • 4 steady wheels to move the steamer around
  • Works on all materials except leather and suede – be gentle on silk  

  • Accessories: brush mouthpiece, heat protection glove and crease clamp
  • Water Tank: 3,2 l
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Woven Cord: 255 cm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Dimensions: 26x43x165 cm
  • Voltage and Frequency: 220-240V/50-60Hz
  • Power: 900W/1850W 

A steamer standing on the floor – what are the perks?

The biggest advantage with an upright floor steamer is the rod where you can place the garments while steaming, and of course, accessibility – the steamer is ready to use immediately. Another plus is that the wheels make the Stratus No.2 movable.

When do I use the different steam modes?

It depends on the thickness of the fabric – use steam mode 1 for sheer fabrics and steam mode 2 for thicker fabrics.

What is the warranty time for Stratus No.2?

We offer a two-year guarantee for Stratus No 2.

What makes a boiler in solid brass so good?

Solid brass makes the steamer last much longer. The boiler will not overheat and the steamer can be used for 2 hours a day. All parts in the Stratus No.2 are made of the most durable materials we have been able to find.

What’s included when I purchase a Stratus No.2?

Stratus No.2 comes with a brush mouthpiece, a heat protection glove, a crease clamp and a manual.

How do I use the crease clamp?

Unscrew the regular mouthpiece from the hose and then replace it with the crease clamp.

Why we don’t like to talk about Bar and steam pressure?

In our world the definition of a good steamer does not come down to the bar pressure. What’s important is how steady the flow of steam is, and that the quality of the steam is hot and dry. Our hand steamers produce 15 steady grams of steam per minute – this is set to make the water last as long as possible on just one tank. On a Stratus No.2 the the steam flow is set to 42g/min in mode 2 and 30g/min in mode 1.

How do I steam?

For information about how to use your steamer on different types of garments, check out our tutorials These video clips will provide you with tips and tricks on how to get the best results using all our products.

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