Stratus No.2 – Tote Bag

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Working on the move requires the right equipment. We have designed a tote bag for our Stratus Professional Steamer, a bag that makes it easier for you to carry the steamer between jobs. The bag is made of water repellent, heavy-duty and heat resistant fabric. You don’t even have to wait for the steamer to cool off before packing it. We have thought of everything – and you can totally focus on your job.

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Can I use this bag for Stratus No.2 only?

No, no! This bag works just as well for Cumulus No.3 and all our other products. As a matter of fact, the bag is perfect for weekend trips or nearly any occasion. Think of it as a nicer looking IKEA bag, with a quality zipper.

What are the measurements for the Stratus Bag?

Height: 45 cm, width: 68 cm. One size only.

Can I pack my Stratus No.2 when it’s still warm?

Yes, that’s the whole idea with the combination of heat protected material and durability.

How much weight does the Stratus Bag hold?

The bag is made in sturdy and heavy fabrics and can hold up to 20kg (44Lb ).

Can I close the bag properly?

Yes, the bag has a high quality zipper.

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