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How to Store Your Winter Wardrobe

Do you let coats, down jackets and knits lie unsorted in your drawer season after season? Store your winter and summer clothes when not in use and make use of your whole wardrobe. Here are our best tips on how to store your winter wardrobe.

Learn from the Capsule Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe is booming. The idea is that you choose a limited number of garments to wear from your wardrobe (for instance 30 pieces) and store the rest of your clothes until the next season. There are many perks with having a capsule wardrobe. You save money and buy less clothes. It’s also a fun way to rediscover clothes you already own.

How to Prepare Your Garments for Storage

1. Wash

Vermin like moths and fur beetles will destroy your clothes. They’re attracted to garments made of natural materials such as cotton and wool. They prefer dirty and used garments before clean ones. That’s why you should never store unwashed clothes.

2. Choose Suitable Boxes

Knits and sweaters should be folded. Hanging on hangers will make them lose their shape. Store your clothes in transparent plastic boxes, in order to see what’s inside without opening it. If you don’t own any plastic boxes, simply use moving boxes made of cardboard or shoe boxes. Down jackets, coats and jackets should be stored on hangers. Store them in a garment bag to keep them free from dust.

3. Keep Vermin Away with Cedar Tree

Spray cedar tree oil on your clothes or place bits of cedar tree in your storage box. The smell of cedar will prevent moths and fur beetles.

4. Choose a Suitable Location

Choose a spot with low humidity, since damp air can make your clothes grow mold. Places like an attic storage or a heated garage are great for storing.

What About Vacuum Bags?

Some buy special vacuum bags to store their clothes in. The vacuum bags will keep your clothes free of dust, moth and moist. Use them if you’ve experienced problems with vermin or if you must store your clothes in the basement. The Vacuum bag is also a smart way to save space if you live compact.

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